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Author Topic: Labs: goText Palm (latest vers. 1.0 b2 *patch 2*)  (Read 9542 times)


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Labs: goText Palm (latest vers. 1.0 b2 *patch 2*)
« on: May 23, 2009, 03:24:56 pm »
goText Palm is an experimental port of goText for Windows Mobile devices, made in C# to natively run on WM OS.

It is still in beta stage, but it already features almost all midlet features and some exclusive ones.

Useful links:

Development State:

Known Issues:
  • Some goText Services can't be used with the latest official goText Palm release, 1.0 b2.
    Zydio has made a patch to address this incompatibilities and release an updated exe: post with update as attachment (the update is "GoTextPalm_EXE.rar", and contains only the updated executable, you still need to have the full version installed with the official setup).

    This patch should make goText Palm compatible with all goText services: download goText Palm 1.0 b2 all service *patch 2*.

Gawaine, goText Palm author, has put this project on hold.
We don't know if it will be resumed by Gawaine himself, by someone else, or if 1.0 b2 will be the latest release ever.
That's why the project is currently listed in "goText Labs" instead of official releases.