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Author Topic: 3/H3G Italy "Internet SMS" [commercial, free 110 sms]: to Italian mobile numbers  (Read 4821 times)


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With this service you can send 320 characters long SMS to all Italian numbers using credits you buy using your 3/H3G Italy SIM card credit, using the webpage .

You also need to be connected using Tre Italy's UMTS connection or you won't be able to use this service.

You'll get a bonus balance worth 110 messages upon registration.

To use this service you need to sign up to 3 Internet website using your 3/H3G Italy's phone number, and an email address (you can open that link only from a 3 Italy UMTS connection).
You will receive a temporary confirmation password on your mobile phone number that you must write back into the website to complete the registration.

Download the "3/H3G Italy Internet SMS" Xml Service file (do right click => "Save target as"), and add it inside goText++ Desk! in Service screen.

To configure the service in goText you have to fill in the following service configuration fields:
  • Email di registrazione: the email you used to register your account.
  • Password: the password of your account.

Service features
  • Up to 3 recipients.
  • Service replies in Italian only
  • Synchronization of remaining credits with the website.

Important Note
  • As sender your recipients will see the number you used to signup on
  • Service can be used only by 3/H3G Italy customers, using 3 Italy UMTS connection

Service status
Not Working: the service seems to not be available anymore on 3 website.

Service author
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