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Author Topic: TuaSMS H3G Italy [credit based/paid]: to Worldwide numbers  (Read 5530 times)


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TuaSMS H3G Italy [credit based/paid]: to Worldwide numbers
« on: February 11, 2009, 10:18:36 am »
TuaSMS can be used only by owners of H3G Italy - 3 Italia SIM card.
You can buy sms packages using your SIM card credit and send discounted message from internet, or goText

To use this service you need to own a 3 Italia - H3G Italy SIM card, and register on TuaSMS area of the 3 website.

Create a new service in goText with the following address:

To configure the service in goText you have to fill in the following service configuration fields:
  • User: the username you registered on TuaSMS
  • Pass: your account password

Service features
  • Up to 160 characters and 5 recipients
  • Returns remaining credit in various currencies after each message sent
  • No real limit imposed by the service, nor by the script, you can send as many messages as the credit you bought allows
  • Messages sender id is your 3 Italia phone number
  • Message cost is based on the number of messages you buy: if you get the 30 sms package each message costs 0,084€/sms; for the 60 and 90 sms package the cost is 0.067€/sms

Service status

Service author
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