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Author Topic: BCC Ravennate Imolese [5-25 sms/day]: to Italian mobile numbers  (Read 7855 times)


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BCC Ravennate Imolese [5-25 sms/day]: to Italian mobile numbers
« on: February 12, 2009, 10:31:13 am »
With this service you can send from 5 to 25 free SMS every day to Italian mobile phone numbers only.

Message can be up to 141 characters long.

Use the registration form on Banca di Credito Cooperativo Ravennate Imolese website, filling all the required personal informations.

Note that this service should be available only to Bank's account holders, but you are still given 5 daily messages anyway. At least until your account isn't verified and deleted.

Create a new service in goText with the following address:

To configure the service in goText you have to fill in the following service configuration fields:
  • User: your registered username on BCC's website
  • Pass: your account password

Important Notes:
  • This service is usually slow at sending messages (it takes 25-30 seconds to complete the send). The message is delivered immediately anyway.
  • Messages has "InBanca BCC" as sender, and "" before your text inside the message.
  • This service should be for exclusive use of bank's account holders, but you can use the first 5 free messages anyway upon signing up to the website, until your account gets deleted.
  • The 5 messages daily limit is raised up to 25 only if you hold a "BCC card spazio giovani".

Service status

Service author
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