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Author Topic: Fotoexpo [credit based/free]: to Italian mobile numbers  (Read 7760 times)


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Fotoexpo [credit based/free]: to Italian mobile numbers
« on: February 12, 2009, 11:19:16 am »
With this service you can send free sms messages to Italian mobile phone numbers only, using credits you can freely get in many ways from Fotoexpo website.

Message can be up to 160 characters long.

Each SMS costs 15 credits.

Methods to get credits:
  • 5 website visited in the normal list = 3 credits
  • 1 website visited in the "corsia veloce" = 2 credits
  • 1 website visited with the "supercommento" = 6 credits
  • 3 sms received from the "get gratis sms menu"  = 1 sms gratis (15 credits)
  • 100 comments  = bonus credits (as you can read in their forums, in Italian)
  • Credit exchange for helping out in FORUMS.
Visiting website require you to stay at least 30 seconds on each website.

Use the registration form on FotoExpo website, in the SMS Gratis area.
You have to fill in a valid email address, where you'll receive your account password.

NB: the nick is shown as sender, so if you put your mobile phone number as nick you've a customized sender id!

Create a new service in goText with the following address:

To configure the service in goText you have to fill in the following service configuration fields:
  • User: your Fotoexpo registration
  • Pass: your account password

Service Features
  • Writing your mobile phone number as nick you are able to customize the sender id
  • Messages sent are delivered immediately

Important Notes:
  • Messages sent have no kind of advertising
  • Service terms and condition explicitly forbids the use of external programs to send messages, otherwise your account can be deleted. You are free to choose to use goText or not.
  • To use this service with goText you are advised to have at least 15 credits (1 sms)

Service status

Service author
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