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Title: Vodafone Italy 190 SMS [10 sms/day]: to Vodafone Italia numbers
Post by: Zydio on January 12, 2010, 08:42:48 am
With this service you can send 10 free SMS every day to Vodafone Italian numbers.
From times to times you can send up to 100 messages.

Maximum message length is 580 characters, sent in up to 4 distinct messages.

To use this service you need to sign up to Vodafone Italia website ( using your Vodafone Italia's phone number, and the other personal information requested.

Download the "Vodafone Italy SMS" Xml Service file ( (do right click => "Save target as"), and add it inside goText++ Desk! in Service screen.

To configure the service in goText you have to fill in the following service configuration fields:

Service features

Important Note

Service status

Service author