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Title: Aimon free [2 sms/day]: to Italian mobile numbers
Post by: egosum on January 24, 2010, 09:17:52 pm
With this service you can send 2 free SMS every day to italian mobile numbers.

Message can be up to 103 characters long and contains ad at the beginning.

Follow registration steps (, filling al the fields marked by an asterisk.
Register using this link ( and insert GOTEXT in field labeled "Codice invito" to receive 65 free sms without ad!

Download the "Aimon free" Xml Service file ( (do right click => "Save target as"), and add it inside goText++ Desk! in Service screen.

To configure the service in goText you have to fill in the following service configuration fields:

Important Notes
Aimon offers paid SMS too.
Refer to the "Aimon" (,1239.html) service to use them.

Service status

it-aimon-free.xml (

Service author