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Developers and translators help / help me with this code
« on: January 21, 2010, 06:45:08 pm »
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Mr-Palui 2008
Jangan Lupa Creditnya yah

function SendSms($from$to$text)
$serverRequest "";    
$serverRequest "&user="keanpogi;////i am getting error he
$serverRequest "&password="blahblah;////i am getting error here please fix
$serverRequest .= "&from=".$from;
$serverRequest .= "&to=".$to;
$serverRequest .= "&text=".urlencode($text);
$serverResult file_get_contents($serverRequest);
    if (!
"Returned error while trying to connect to smsclist";

$xml simplexml_load_string($serverResult);
    if (
$xml->success == "true")
$result $xml->msgid;
$result $xml->errormsg;


Code: [Select]
$serverRequest = "&user="keanpogi;////i am getting error he
    $serverRequest = "&password="blahblah;////i am getting error here please fix

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