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Author Topic: goText is legacy, moving forward to Kontalk!  (Read 63673 times)


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goText is legacy, moving forward to Kontalk!
« on: March 12, 2015, 11:17:39 pm »
Hello everyone,
I'm writing this post to annouce you all and all new visitors of this website (and also all the bots, I know you have a soul!) that the registration of this forum is totally closed. All posts and users will remain active for historical reasons and for discussions, but I inform you that, even if working Services will remain active, this project is formally legacy we are moving forward to Kontalk

Communication is evolving fast and SMS are not so many import for consumers, so we are moving forward to Kontalk, an open source, secure, encrypted and reliable communication system based on XMPP protocol (sameone of Whatsapp, Line, etc) and thus open both in the client side than the server side, in the full spirit for goText.

Currently, only Android version is available, but iOS version is also coming soon and I suggest you to try it out the Android version from Google Play or F-Droid

Communication still matter for consumers, moving from SMS to chat and push notifications, with a new paradigma: where once SMS cost was the barrier that spread up solutions as goText in order to save money,  now instant communication and data privacy are the key value, moving forward to the Internet-of-Things and BigData. Someone is already spying you, who cares? We just care about the independency of the communication itself, that should be always free (as in freedom) and reliable.

We plan to join the Kontalk network with an XMPP node for the Kontalk federated server cluster and, damn, send SMS the way we know!!

Cheers and rock'n'roll,
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Re: goText is legacy, moving forward to Kontalk!
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2015, 10:25:38 am »
hey hi bluesman,

well i would say gotext was the brilliant app at the time when smart phone wasn't there. gotext help people to make free and easy communication.i really enjoyed and took benefit of it i really thankful and really appreciated gotext team and members.

now about kontalk, i wanted to know how to use it i mean as same as we make script on gotext same we can make service script and use on it? and is there and service script you made and available for kontalk?