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Configure mobile phone's connection

In order to work, goText needs a properly setup data connection on your mobile phone.
Usually this means you have to:

  • Have a volume based data tariff (the opposite of time based tariffs)
  • Set up an internet GPRS configuration for your carrier.

1 - Check your data tariff

You have to check in which way your mobile operator charges you for data connections.
There are a couple of ways you may be charged for data/internet traffic, but the most common are the following three ways:
  • Volume based: you pay something for each KB of data transfered. It is usually 1 euro cent per Kb.
  • Volume based in chunks of 10 Kb (or other sizes): your tariff is still volume based, that is you pay for the amount of data transfered, but you are charged in advance for blocks of 10 Kb of data (or other sizes). That is you pay usually 10 cents for traffic up to 10 Kb.
  • Time based: you are charged on a time bases, usually you are charged in advance for 15 minutes of connection (or something similar).
The right data tariff to use with goText is the first one, the volume based one. goText is optimized to exchange only 1 or 2 Kb of data when sending messages, so you pay only 1 or 2 cents to send a message with this kind of data tariff!

If you have a different tariff you have to check if you can make a change to the good one.

With some operators you may have only the second tariff, without options to change. This may still be fine, especially for sending messages outside your country (that are usually more expansive that in-country messages).

The third one, the time based tariff, has not to be used with goText. goText sends a message in a couple of seconds, and you are charged for a full 15 minutes connection you will never use! If you have a such tariff, you are going to spend something near 1 euro for a single message! And this is no good.

2 - Set up connection for your carrier

First of all you need to find a proper APN ( Access Point Name ).
Any mobile carrier has its own APN, and you have to find yours if you want to use goText (and in general if you want to connect to the internet from your device).

There are also server kind of access points, mainly WAP and Internet/GPRS ones: uou have to use a Internet/GPRS one.
That is, you should never use a WAP access point, because WAP traffic is much more costly (until you have a WAP flat rate that is volume based).

To complicate (or simplify?) things a bit more, some carriers use the same exact APN for both WAP and internet/gprs traffic (like H3G Italy for example. But they also charges the same for WAP and internet data).

You should refer to your mobile carrier website to check for this settings.
For some strange reason it is not really easy to find internet gprs settings on official websites, but you are most like to find easy WAP ones.

So we are making the following list of known APN that are good for goText, of many mobile carrier around the world.
This list is usually well updated but please refer to your mobile carrier to be 100% sure that the one you are using is the correct one!

CountryCarrier NameAPN

Once you've found the right APN you have to setup Java/Internet connection on your mobile.
How to setup the connection profile differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, and also between models of the same manufacturer.
This is the reason way we are trying to make configuration guides for various manufacturers and devices.
Here is a list of any available configuration guides:


For both APN list and connection configuration guides we need your help. Please post in our Forum anything that can help us in this task!

Have you successfully configured your mobile phone's GPRS connection with the right APN?
You are now ready to configure goText.


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