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Configuration Guide

This configuration guide is about the latest stable version of the midlet: goText 2.3

Once you have properly set up internet connection on your mobile, you are ready go configure goText!

First find the application in your application menu (or games, or equivalent in your mobile) and run it.

Now from the Main Menu select Settings.

In the Settings screen you can find the following options:

  • Chars counter: if turned on enables a counter on top of the compose screen to know how many chars are left while writing the text messages

    [Default value: enabled]

  • Default country code: some service may require an international prefix for message recipients to send your messages, especially those services that sends messages to many countries.
    If you enable this option goText adds automatically the default country code you specified to your recipients if they are saved in your address book without it, or if you forget to write it manually.
    That is, if you write a country code here, there will be always the international prefix before the recipient numbers you write.
    Leave blank if you don't need it.
    Example: if you send usually SMS to U.S. numbers (maybe because you live in US), you can write your country's prefix here (+1). This will save your time by automatically adding that country code to all of your recipients anytime you send a message, if they don't already have one.

  • Auto-save last message: save it 'til the morning after!
    Like the famous song, if this option is enabled you'll have:
    • The message you are writing is always saved in real time as Last.
      This means that you will never loose the message you were writing if you mobile phone shuts down because you've run out of battery, if the application crashes (don't worry, this is unlikely to happen  ;) ), or if you phone reboots.
    • When you send a message it is automatically saved in the Sent message list
    [Default value: enabled]

  • Service ordering: service list can be ordered by moving services Up and Down in the list.
    The Standard ordering way will usually work.
    But if your list get messed up after using the above mentioned actions, you have one of those mobile where Standard ordering doesn't work, and you need to enable Alternative ordering.

    Sony Ericssons  are well known to require Alternative ordering, Nokias and others work fine with Standard, while there are some that work fine in both ways.

    [Default value: Standard]

There are other two option at the end of the list, that you are less likely to change:
  • Enable Nokia S60 DB shrinking: on some Nokia (eg: 6630, other S60 2nd edition, ..) the DB file gets big after some time you are using goText, and the application loads slower.
    This enables a routine that "compress" your db from times to times making it smaller and letting the app to load faster.
    You should enable this option only if you have the above mentioned problem, otherwise it will be of no use for you.

    [Default value: disabled]

  • Connection method: this is an advanced option about HTTP connection method.
    goText uses POST by default, and this shouldn't be changed until the program is not working on your mobile, beacuse GET may expose more your private information especially when using public servers.

    [Default value: POST]

Ok, now you've configured goText settings to fit your needs.

The next and last configuration step is configuring (and adding) Services.


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