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Adding and configuring SMS Services

Once you have fine tuned goText Settings to fit your needs you are ready to setup SMS services.

From the Main Menu go to Services.
Here you'll find a list of services already installed by default.

Consider a service as a goText plugin or module. It can be used to send SMS, MMS or e-mail although it can be used to do even more stuff!

goText comes with a short selection of default services, but you may not need them, or you may want to add some other configuration you can find on our Services page.

Adding a new service in goText is simple but require a connection from the mobile in order to get it. Don't worry, it's still a little and cheap connection!

From the Services menu press New, you have to fill the two fields you see:

  • Name: the name of the service. You can put whatever you want, usually the website name corresponding to the service you choose
  • URL: the URL of the service. You can find it from our Services List. Read it, and write down here.
Then press on the Install button and you should be prompted if you want really connect and which access point to use. Just accept and in a matter of seconds you will get the new service!

You will also get a short message telling you some infos, and how to configure the service.

Any new service is disabled by default because you have to fill in required data.
Select the newly added service and click on Edit, and you will see the service configuration screen:

Required data changes from service to service, but generally you can be required to write one or more of the following:
  • User
  • Pass
  • Nick
The vast majority of websites require a login made up of Username and Password, so you mainly have to fill those 2 in the corresponding goText service.

Put the data it needs to work and it is configured.

Now that you have configured your services you can use it to Send free SMS!


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