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In this page you can find all goText downloads, that is:

If you don't know what to download go directly to:

goText midlet for mobile phones - binaries (PC download)

Download goText 2.3.1, latest version of Java midlet for mobile phone, in your language.
Every translation is available in 3 flavors:
  • Standard: the recommended and most used one. Choose this if you don't know what to download.
  • Non Obfuscated: identical to standard, compiled in a different way. Get this only if the above one refuses to load or gives an error on start
  • Lite: identical to standard, only missing icons, so that its size is less than 64 Kb. To be used with oldest mobile phones which doesn't support JAR bigger than 64 Kb
Now please select the version you need in your language, to start the download.
The zip file contains:
  • goText.jad & goText.jar: localized MIDP 1.0 Java application files to be installed on your mobile phone
  • readme.txt: localized quick installation and configuration instructions
  • changelog.txt: localized history of changes
More extensive help can be found in our Information and Documents page.

goText midlet for mobile phones - binaries (WAP download)

If you want to download the goText midlet directly from you mobile phone please point your mobile web browser to our WAP download page: http://get.gotext.org

goText++ Desk! for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X computers

Download the beta version of goText++ Desk! for personal computers from the goText++ Desk! Homepage.

goText Touch for iPhone & iPod Touch

Download the experimental goText Touch from goText Labs page.

goText Palm for Windows Mobile

Download the experimental goText Palm from goText Labs page.

goText for mobile phone - sources

goText is open source software released under GPL v2 license.
This means you can freely edit sources and recompile the application by yourself. You can also make improvements and fixes, we will be really happy if you share your changes with us!
To start hacking goText you can downloaded the latest sources:
You may find useful our online JavaDoc for midlet sources to get into the code faster.

goText services sources

If you have a PHP (/perl/python) enabled webserver and want to upload services (configuration scripts) to your website, or simply take a peek into services code, you can download them from our online repository viewer, or using a SVN Client.
Visit our SourceForge project page for more infos.

Note: all downloads are hosted and mirrored on SourceForge servers


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goText 2.3!

  • Send SMS, MMS and email for free to WORLDWIDE mobile numbers! (paying only GPRS traffic)
  • MIDP 1.0 application
  • Translated in 6 languages
  • GPL v2 license: You can get Involved!

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