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We are more than just developers: we have fun, play sports, drink the way you do (yes, a lot!) and all the kinds of things you do... We are normal people!

Here we got some sections where we are going to give you information about us, information about how to spread goText and other usefull information... but... this is not documentation, the difference is that here we take a fun approach! Everything is fine here! or at least... should be :p



  • The goText Comic We have our own comic!! Cesar took a pen and everything has started...
  • The Fun Story goText has a story... It's close to be a fair tail so, we took a particular approach to tell you... :p
  • goText Art! We are like famous painters making some Art on the coding... Well... Blues-Man try to re-create some master pieces... There you got!

You are free to comment about it on the forum


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goText 2.3!

  • Send SMS, MMS and email for free to WORLDWIDE mobile numbers! (paying only GPRS traffic)
  • MIDP 1.0 application
  • Translated in 6 languages
  • GPL v2 license: You can get Involved!

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