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Labs, experimental software and misc

goText Labs is a place where you can find the most interesting and promising ideas or experimental software developed by the goText team or our community friends.

goText Labs : Software

The following are alpha or beta software releases related to the goText world, that are waiting for you to test and use them.
If you are a coder you can even help in development!

goText++ Desk! - goText for Windows, Linux and MacOSX computer

The first beta release of a whole new official goText project for computers, written in C++, with the use of a new Xml Service format, made by Zydio.
Now you can send free and cheap SMS directly from your dekstop, being it Windows, Linux or MacOS X.

Find information, documentation and download on the official goText++ Desk Homepage.

goText++ Desk! on Windows 7

goText Touch - goText for iPhone & iPod Touch

The first alpha release of goText port for iPhone/iPod Touch made by White Tiger. Now you can finally use your iPhone to send free SMS over GPRS, 3G and WiFi!

Find information, documentation and download on the official goText Touch Homepage.

goText Touch

goText Palm - goText for Windows Mobile

goText Palm is an experimental port of goText for Windows Mobile devices, written in C# to natively run on WM OS and made by Gawaine.
It is still in beta stage, but it already features almost all midlet features and some exclusive ones.

More Infos & Download from the Official goText Palm thread.

goText Palm screenshots

goText Labs : Fun Section

Mesarpe and the rest of goText team made some artworks, comics and a fun tale about our project's history.

Wanna smile? Go to the goText Fun Section !


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goText 2.3!

  • Send SMS, MMS and email for free to WORLDWIDE mobile numbers! (paying only GPRS traffic)
  • MIDP 1.0 application
  • Translated in 6 languages
  • GPL v2 license: You can get Involved!

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