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Labs: goText Touch - free SMS for iPhone

goText Touch is a new iPhone & iPod Touch App to send free sms using GPRS, UMTS or WiFi connection of your iDevice.

The current release is on alpha state, this means that is not deeply tested and it lacking some features compared to the Java version of goText.
It is still completely usable and already supports many features.

Message Writing screen   -   Service Management screen

Useful links:

  • Supports all goText services including those with captcha
  • Supports 2 localizations: English and Italian.
    Language is automatically set to your device language.

Missing Features:
This is a list of feature missing in comparison with the Java version of goText for mobile phones:
  • Counter of daily/monthly remaining messages for all services

This release is now available on the official AppStore, and can be installed in all iPhone and iPod Touch!
The same release is also avaialble for jailbroken devices.

White Tiger

Development Status:
Being Developed

  • Alpha 1.1
    • Now the application is multilingual with English and Italian languages and automatic language setting
  • Alpha 1.0
    • First release


English version of the page Italian version of the page Spanish version of the page

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secure connection

goText 2.3!

  • Send SMS, MMS and email for free to WORLDWIDE mobile numbers! (paying only GPRS traffic)
  • MIDP 1.0 application
  • Translated in 6 languages
  • GPL v2 license: You can get Involved!

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