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goText is legacy, moving forward to Kontalk!

Hello everyone,
I'm writing this post to annouce you all and all new visitors of this website (and also all the bots, I know you have a soul!) that the registration of this forum is totally closed. All posts and users will remain active for historical reasons and for discussions, but I inform you that, even if working Services will remain active, this project is formally legacy we are moving forward to Kontalk http://kontalk.org

Communication is evolving fast and SMS are not so many import for consumers, so we are moving forward to Kontalk, an open source, secure, encrypted and reliable communication system based on XMPP protocol (sameone of Whatsapp, Line, etc) and thus open both in the client side than the server side, in the full spirit for goText.

Currently, only Android version is available, but iOS version is also coming soon and I suggest you to try it out the Android version from Google Play or F-Droid

Communication still matter for consumers, moving from SMS to chat and push notifications, with a new paradigma: where once SMS cost was the barrier that spread up solutions as goText in order to save money,  now instant communication and data privacy are the key value, moving forward to the Internet-of-Things and BigData. Someone is already spying you, who cares? We just care about the independency of the communication itself, that should be always free (as in freedom) and reliable.

We plan to join the Kontalk network with an XMPP node for the Kontalk federated server cluster and, damn, send SMS the way we know!!

Cheers and rock'n'roll,

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Posted by Bluesman on 12/03/15 at 23:17 (63596 reads)

goText++ Desk! 0.9.9: vCard import/export, performance & usability, fixes

A new goText++ Desk! release is finally here, with one of the most frequently requested feature: address book import/export in vCard format!

Update 11 February: release version 0.9.9 which fixes some 0.9.8 bugs and has some more improvements!

There are many other important changes, related to performance, stability and usability improvements.
You can find the detailed list of changes in the official goText++ Desk! homepage, along with download links.

Because of some dependency the miminimum OS requirements has been changed for some packages:

  • If you use the Ubuntu .DEB version the min Qt version required now is 4.7.0 and so you need Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat or Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx (the latter is supported by adding a PPA backports repository:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports
    sudo apt-get update
  • If you use MacOSX you need at least version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) with a 64bit Intel processor

You should really upgrade to this new version, because the next releases will need its data format to work.

Update 09 February: the Ubuntu .DEB packages (both i386 and amd64) released 3 days ago installed files in the wrong path, and the menu launcher wasn't working. Fixed debs have been uploaded right now, so please download and install them again.

A goText.org website/forum notice
We are experiencing some problems with our mailing server, so forum notifications and new user subscription are not working. Bluesman should be working on it, we hope to get everything back working soon!

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Posted by Zydio on 06/02/12 at 10:09 (15599 reads)

Service working again, and goText Forum re-opened

We are happy to announce that after a moderate amount of work all goText services are now working again, and that the goText forum finally reopens, so everyone can start to post again, and new users can now register forum accounts.

We also used this planned downtime to upgrade the forum to SMF 2.x which has many improvement, first of which an improved post editor with word processor like editing (a so called WYSISYG editor).

We are now running on a new completely customizable server, and this will open us all the scenarios we had to put on hold for the future of goText mobile application.
We have still quite a bit of work to do before we'll be able to release anything (application or code wise), but if everything goes the right way it'll have been worth the wait.

Happy goTexting

PS: we had to revert to the basic SMF theme because no one currently has time to customize it with goText colours. If you know how to skin SMF and want to help don't esitate to contact us!
PPS: let us know if some service that happened to work a couple of months ago is not working anymore today, it may be due to something that need to be tweaked on the new server!

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Posted by Zydio on 17/10/11 at 14:22 (8646 reads)

goText is on the move..sort of.

It's been a while since the last update! This time we want to inform you all that forum will be disabled (in maintenance mode) for approx 30 days, to ease the website move to a new server.

We decided to move to a new server, to have more flexibility and customization, to be able to give us the necessary freedom to build the future of goText as we hope.
Obviously we'll be cross sure that this new environment will really fit our needs only when we've completely moved contents and services, and if and when we'll really get round to complete all of our projects (and ideas) for the future (which is not really easy, as we all have real-life commitment).

See you soon!

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Posted by Zydio on 04/09/11 at 09:09 (7376 reads)

goText++ Desk! 0.9.3: additional features in services, new features

After months of work I'm proud to show you a new goText++ Desk! version with many important new features including the following: additional features for Xml Services which are not executed during the message send (enabling real delivery reports), new ways to improve data security, midlet-like compression feature for text (completely customizable)...and much more!

Head to the goText++ Desk! homepage to read the full list of changes and download the software.

You'll still need to update all of your services because of some major changes in the service format..don't worry, the application will offer you to do the update automatically!
By the way I've published a totally rewritten Xml Services documentation that is finally 100% complete and also features a cleaner layout.
To all old and new Xml Service writers..Have a nice read! (And trust me, it will be a long read  ;)  )

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Posted by Zydio on 29/11/10 at 11:20 (12608 reads)

Previous news: news archive.


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