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What is goText?

A good batch of questions and simple answers for novice users to know what goText is.

What is goText?

goText is mainly a small Java software for mobile phones that you can use to send free SMS messages to anyone in the world.
The software itself is free, the download too, and the same applies to SMS messages.

Why should I use goText instead of normal SMS messaging?

That's an easy one!
Aren't you tired of paying 15 eurocent for only 160 characters? This is anachronistic, one SMS messages cost nearly nothing to your carrier!
With goText you can send the same exact message for (almost) free!

Didn't you say free? Why almost free!?

That's your operator's fault, nothing can come out your mobile phone through cellular networks without paying something to your operator  ;)

Seriously, how much almost free means?

You will pay your messages only one euro cent or less (or approx the same amount in your currency). That is 15 times lass than a common SMS message.

1 cent per SMS? How it works?

goText has its roots in a simple principle: data sent through internet connection is cheaper than data sent through voice channels.
Have you ever heard of Voice over IP (VoIP)? VoIP sends your voice over the internet connection.

goText does the same! Your sms message is sent using mobile phone's GPRS connection.

GPRS data usually costs something like 1 euro cent or less for each Kb. goText is highly optimized to send the SMS message using only as few data as possible, and usually is in the order of 1 / 1.5 Kb total (that is including both outgoing and incoming traffic).
So 1 Kb * 1 eurocent/kb = 1 cent total!

This also means that if your mobile phone has WiFi connection you can send messages completely for free when you are near one hotspot.
You are going to send 100% free messages also if you have a flat rate for you gprs/umts data traffic.
In both cases you can forget the almost you read above and use the free word in all its joy ;-)

What do I need to run goText?

You simply need two check the following two points on your mobile phone:
  • That your mobile is Java enabled. That is if you can read somewhere on phone packaging, feature list, manual, menus, games the word Java your phone is ok  :D
  • That your mobile has at least GPRS connection capabilities. GPRS is the basic mobile internet connection available on mobile phones... If your phone has also UMTS, HDSPA, WiFi, put here another acronym for connection, obviously is even better ;)
    To know if your mobile has this, follow the same guidelines for Java, or even simpler check if you can receive/send MMS
Don't fear, you are almost likely to have both, if your phone is not 10 years old!

But don't stop reading here, please read this page to the end, there are some more important informations!

How can goText send free messages, even using GPRS connection?

goText is not directly sending the message.
goText connects to SMS websites around the web offering free sms messaging services.

This means you need to be already registered, or register now, to one or more website with free SMS services.

Now you have the full picture of what is free and what's not:
  • Free: goTest software and SMS messages (through SMS websites)
  • Paid: GPRS connection. But goText makes only very little traffic so you pay only 1 cent or less!

Free SMS website didn't die some time ago? How can I find one?

Some website disappeared in the past, and some will disappear in the future.
But there are still lots of them right now!

You don't need to search for them, we already list all free SMS website we know and support in goText in our Services page.

You just need to take a look at that page, see what services sends message to your country, read how many messages offers and if fits your needs you simply need to register on their website.

Are you sure you are not a group of scammers trying to make me signup to those free sms websites?

Oh no, we are not.
We never had referral links to sms website, and we are not likely to have.
We even had some administrator asking us to remove support for his SMS website from our software and webpage!

goText is a software developed from people all around the world, to people all around the world.
And it is made simply to enable everyone to send free SMS from mobile phones, in a easy way.

But we know words are not enough sometime.

That's why every single source code line of the goText software is released under GNU GPL v2 license: this means you can see what's the midlet is doing on your mobile, where you data goes and how.
You can even modify the software at your wish.
And we would be really happy if you do so!

This is marvelous! I wonna start using goText!

Welcome to the goText community!  :)
This is a short how to start:
  • Head to the Download page and get goText in your language
  • Read the midlet user guide to be helped in configuring your GPRS connection, goText application and SMS services.


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  • Translated in 6 languages
  • GPL v2 license: You can get Involved!

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