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goText++ Desk! is a free software to send free SMS (and MMS) messages from your Windows, Linux, or MacOSX computer!

goText++ Desk is fast and it's native in all supported operative systems, comes with a nice address book, history of sent messages and even delivery reports (where supported), a completely customizable interface and strong data security.

Using goText++ Desk you will be able to send SMS messages from your PC using Xml Services that map to free SMS websites, or commercial SMS websites, around the world: you can choose to save using the free services, or enjoy the added reliability of commercial services that sell cheap sms packs on internet.


Features Highlight

  • Strong data security: all sensitive data is automatically encrypted on save using strong AES-192 encryption
  • Maximum privacy: connections to the sms website are completely handled on your computer, no data is sent to goText server. Secure HTTPS connections are used, if supported by the sms website.
  • Can be installed or used in Portable mode on any USB/external drive, to be able to message from any computer.
  • Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Ubuntu
  • Address Book can be imported/exported to vCard (.vcf) format: it's easy to sync your contacts with your mobile phone or other software
  • Automatic message splitting in parts, parts counting and highlighting when writing messages
  • Supports many different sms websites (both free and commercial) using the goText Xml Services
  • The Xml Service format is open and well documented: if a website is unsupported you are likely to be able to write a Xml Service on your own!
  • Multilingual interface with many translations
  • Completely customizable interface
  • Support for multiple profiles, and password protected profiles
  • Fast as it's written in C++
  • Native look and feel on each OS, thanks to the Qt Framework
  • Network Proxy support (HTTP and Socks5, including NTLM auth. For NTLM v2 you need to use the wonderful cntlm), with option to use the system proxy settings.
  • Developer friendly: includes a powerful Xml Service Debugger to test and fix Xml Services, with variable watches, step by step execution, html response viewer, and output log


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Main screen (on KUbuntu/KDE)
Main screen (on Ubuntu/Gnome)

Main screen (on Mac OS X)
Main screen (on Windows Xp)

Message parts highlighting and interface customized (Windows Xp)
Xml Service Debugger (Windows Xp)

Download goText++ Desk

You can get goText++ Desk for free using one of the following links.
Each package comes in a easy to use setup, and with the following languages:

The latest release is: 0.9.9 BETA (February 11, 2012).

Operating SystemSetup DownloadPortable Edition Download
Windows (Xp, Vista, Seven)Download InstallerDownload Portable Edition
Mac OS X (64 bit Intel)

  • Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher
  • Growl installed for notifications to work
Download DMGDownload Portable Edition
Ubuntu 32 bit (Kubuntu, Debian)

Minimum Ubuntu version required:
  • Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat), or..
  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) with a backports PPA repository:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports
    sudo apt-get update
Download DEB
Ubuntu 64 bit (Kubuntu, Debian)

Minimum Ubuntu version required:
  • Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat), or..
  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) with a backports PPA repository:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports
    sudo apt-get update
Download DEB
Linux 32 bit (all distros, including Ubuntu) Download Portable Edition
Linux 64 bit (all distros, including Ubuntu) Download Portable Edition

Choose the setup download if you wish to use the application on a single computer and have the settings saved in system storage.
Otherwise choose the portable download if you want to bring the application everywhere on a USB drive (or external hd), or if you have a partition common to a multiboot system.

Note: Application source code will be made available at the latest with the first non-beta release.

Download Xml Services

goText++ Desk needs Xml Services to be added into the application to be able to send messages.
You can find and download all current Xml Services from the Xml Services List.


0.9.9 beta (February 11, 2012): Fixes to 0.9.8 and misc improvements.
  • IMPORTANT: You must update to this version if you want to be able to use future versions and keep your settings, newer versions will require 0.9.8/0.9.9 data format
  • Fixed a version 0.9.8 bug which prevented the Addition/Edit of Services in many situations, expecially fresh installs [thanks to mohammad for his bugreport]
  • Fixed Application Updater which ignored user language and always showed English change lists
  • Fixed remaining messages counter being visually updated at the end of a synchronization Addon execution but not saved in db
  • Updated Spanish translation which was missing some sentences in 0.9.8.

    Changes related to developers:
  • It is now possible to debug a Addon by simply opening the Xml Service Debugger (es: a blank debugger by clicking the Debug Send button without a message text/service/recipient, or with an open debugger of a finished send)
  • Fixed crash using the Abort button inside the Service Debugger while the execution was paused because of a wait_before attribute.
  • Improved Xml Service Debugger attach logic to prevent different messages/addons running on different services/messages to conflict with the a already busy debugger, leading to a crash.

0.9.8 beta (February 06, 2012): vCard import/export, Database based settings and performance/usability improvements
  • IMPORTANT: You must update to this version if you want to be able to use future versions and keep your settings, newer versions will require 0.9.8 data format
  • Added a new Import/Export feature for the Address Book, to sync your contacts with your mobile phone or other software (supports vCard/.vcf format)
  • New unified settings and data storage in a SQLite db, used in all platforms. This speeds up the startup time and many operations especially on Linux and Portable versions for all platforms, and solve occasional data losses.
  • Each profile will be automatically migrated to the new db-based storage at the first login. If you use multiple profiles please remember to login at least once with each one of them, because new versions will require this new format (and will not contain the migration code anymore).
  • Improved usability of the automatic disconnection options: now the disconnection on finished send is not executed if the user is still working with the program (eg: writing another message), and if a disconnection (eg: the inactivity one) is performed and the user was writing a message which has unsaved changes that message is automatically saved
  • Reworked encryption management code: this should solve the bugs someone reported (like sudden inability to login, or garbled profile data).
  • Fixed messages hanging on "Queued for send" status when there were Additional Actions executing for the same service
  • Update checker notifications are now saved inside the Incoming list
  • Updated Qt library to the latest version 4.8.0 in all OS and editions, besides the Ubuntu DEB (that relies on the system one, min. version required is 4.7.0 and so Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat or Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx by adding a PPA backports repository).
  • Updated the OpenSSL library to the newest version (1.0.0g) which also includes important security fixes (Windows packages only).
  • Fixed some occasional crashes (on a failed Service update or Addon execution, when closing the application) and minor memory leaks
  • Removed the non working, experimental, LTR advanced option.

    Changes related to developers:
  • Fixed crash happening in the Xml Service Debugger if a website used a self-signed certificate or invalid HTTPS certificate. [thanks to mohammad for the bug report]

0.9.3 beta (November 29, 2010): SMS slang abbreviation, real delivery reports and other additional features, improvements.
[+] Show/Hide detailed list of changes

  • IMPORTANT: You must update to this version if you want to be able to use future versions and keep your settings, newer versions will require 0.9.3 data format
  • Added "Abbreviate with SMS Slang" feature (in Tools menu) that works like the goText midlet compression feature: it helps to reduce long messages into service limits by replacing words with shorter sms slang forms.
  • New "Additional Features" available on some services: these are for example real time delivery reports of last message sent, manual credit sync, and more.
  • Added new "Incoming" tab to show data received as result of Additional Features execution of all services.
  • Added option to automatically select a service on a per-contact basis [thanks to littleqwerty for this idea]
  • Added "Use system proxy settings" in network settings, especially useful for Portable editions
  • New Security tab in settings, with various options to automatically disconnect the current user profile (on inactivity, on message sent, on minimization) [thanks to Mao for this idea].
  • Added one new localization: Spanish, translation made by César Bernardini
  • New "Kind" info shown for services (eg: Free, Commercial, ..)
  • Fixed goText++ Desk! preventing system shutdown when running if not minimized to tray
  • Currency symbol can now be manually edited if the used currency is not available in the standard list [thanks to mohammad for this idea]
  • Added experimental option (in Advanced settings) to enable Right-to-Left message composition when a Left-to-Right language is in use [as requested by mohammad]
  • Added confirmation request on startup before sending messages that were queued on a previous run [thanks to mip104 for this idea]
  • Fixed bug with remporary recipients with wrong country code that "stickied" to the message.
  • If some service icon download failed the application will automatically retry to retrieve the missing icon at every startup
  • Fixed service icon not updating until restart on some scenarios
  • Improved profile disconnection and fixed a related memory leak
  • Fixed rare crash if "minimize to tray on send" setting whas enabled.
  • Updated the OpenSSL library to the newest version (1.0.0b) which also includes important security fixes (Windows packages only).
  • Updated Qt library to version 4.6.3 in all OS and editions, besides the Ubuntu DEB (that relies on the system one).
  • As there are many changes and improvements in the Xml Service format it is necessary to update all services to the latest version: you'll be offered to run a massive auto-update on first startup.

    Changes related to developers:
  • This version uses the new Xml Service Format version 1.0.9, which has improvements that make easier to write complex services.
  • The new xsv="1.0.9" introduces support for "Additional Features": the addons allow interactions with the website that are disjoint from the message send process, and can return (or not return) data to the user. They can be automatically triggered or manually executed by the user.
  • All changes and new features of xsv="1.0.9" are detailed in a completely rewritten Xml Service Format document available on goText++ Desk! website.
  • SMS Slang abbreviations can be easily customized also from final users by simply editing a text file named "abbreviations_LANGCODE.txt" in the "lang" folder, where LANGCODE is the two letter language code for the language of interest.
  • Fixed rare crash when aborting a send from the Service Debugger
  • Now the Service author is shown in the service tab list
  • Fixed corrupted error message if a <condition> ok_id/ko_id was not found [thanks to lmoran for the bug report]
0.9.0 beta (March 29, 2010): services from url, auto update of services and software, multilingual services, and much more.
[+] Show/Hide detailed list of changes

  • It is now possible to add Xml Services also from HTTP links.
  • Added periodic automatic update of installed Xml Services: it works for services added from HTTP urls and also from filesystem ones.
  • Added periodic automatic check for application updates. When updates are found the full, localized, list of changes is shown and the user is prompted to download the new version, with an option to ignore the update.
  • Services auto update and application updates check can be manually triggered with the new "Check for Updates" entry in the Help menu.
  • Multilingual services: all responses returned to the user by the Xml Services can be localized (and are localized) using a unified service phrasebook that will be automatically updated to add new languages over the next weeks.
  • The Service tab now shows more information (eg: supported countries).
  • Drag and drop service reorder is now available also on the Write tab.
  • Improved memory usage by some hundred of Kb, and fixed a good bunch of memory leaks
  • Many small code improvements that should give a minimal performance improvement
  • Services are now locked when in use to avoid some infrequent but possible crashes.
  • Improved the code that read and writes profile data to deal with different settings versions, which handles and fixes the previous inability to use data exported in the linux deb version with other builds/os.
  • Improved checks on services made with previous xml format versions to avoid some possible crashes.
  • Partially reworked network connection code, especially when dealing with errors.
  • The user is now warned when a Service configuration is not completely filled
  • Improved user friendliness of configuration fields that require a mobile phone number with international country code
  • Improved international country code handling in temporary recipient field
  • Improved display of saved messages with long text
  • Improved redirect handling
  • Added a visual hint that a service is not configured or needs to be updated: its icon is grayed out.
  • Improved handling of exotic text encodings in http replies.
  • Experimental release of physical ram when minimizing to tray (Windows only), it may help on really low memory systems to leave goText++ Desk always open.
  • Added right click context menu action on Service list to show the current xml service source.
  • The Clear button on the write screen now breaks the connection when a saved message is edited (thanks to mip104 for the idea)
  • Added more confirmation requests on items deletion (thanks to mip104 for the suggestions)
  • The portable editions now read "Portable" in the main window titlebar.
  • Optimized deletion of messages when possible in Windows and MacOSX installed editions.
  • The international country calling codes now are checked against a list of valid ones to detect user errors
  • Fixed a couple of crashes in particular conditions
  • Unsupported characters are restored when another service is selected (when possible).
  • Updated the OpenSSL library to the latest security fix, 0.9.8n (Windows packages only).
  • Updated Qt library to version 4.6.2 in all OS and editions, besides the Ubuntu DEB (that relies on the system one).
  • As there are many changes and improvements in the Xml Service format it is necessary to update all services to the latest version (and it is suggested to updated the from url to fully enjoy automatic updates).

    Changes related to developers:
  • The system variable "$ic" has been renamed to "$img_code"
  • New attribute allowed_ccc that improves and replaces require_icc. With allowed_ccc you can specify a comma separated list of destination international country codes supported in your service. If the attribute is not specified all existing country codes are supported. If the service supports only one country code the user can omit to write the country code, the xml engine will add it to the number automatically. If there many (or all) country codes are supported the user must write the country code to be able to send the message (thanks to egosum for the idea).
  • Added user_agent attribute for the <service> tag. It will set the user-agent http header sent by all request generated from <page> and <captcha> tags.
    It can be one of the following values:
    - "firefox3.5", "ie6", "ie8", "safari4" that will be translated to the user agent sent by those browser (the Windows version, besides safari that sends the Mac ua string)
    - "wap" to send a random WAP browser user agent string of common mobile phone models of various makers
    - any other bit of text that will be sent as is
    If you don't specify this attribute no user agent header is sent
  • New attribute wait_before="milliseconds" in <page> and <captcha> to pause the service execution for the given amount of milliseconds (thanks to egosum for the idea).
  • Added some system variables related to the recipients:
    - $ccc = the international country calling code of the current recipient
    - $ccc_list = a comma separated list of international country codes of all recipients
    - $rcpt_noccc = the current recipient without the starting $ccc
    - $rcpt_list_noccc = a comma separated list of of all recipients without their international country code
    (thanks to egosum for the idea)
  • Related to the above change, $rcpt and $rcpt_list sys variables will always contain the recipient number along with the international country code
  • Standard Xml Services Phrasebook, or zero effort localization for services: the xml engine now supports a phrasebook which contains a number of common messages ready to be used and automatically localized in the form of system variables with the "$L_" prefix.
    The phrasebook is automatically supported in all xml engines which support Xml Service Version 1.0.8, and actually contains English and Italian sentences, but it will be updated to support more languages (and goText++ Desk! automatically gets the latest version of the phrasary from the SVN).
    You can see the supported sentences and the corresponding variable names in the "xml_lang_files/services_phrasebook.xml" file, inside the xmlservice folder in the SVN.
  • Custom localized sentences that automatically use the language of the user can also be added into the Xml Service with the new <languages> and <language> tags (see the Xml Services source for examples), and can be used to localize the service description and configuration information too.
  • Improved GET request encoding to behave more like browsers.
  • Added new encode_percent attribute in <page> and <captcha>: it enables or disables the percent encoding of the percent character itself (default is "true", and it should be changed only if you see that it is required for the request to work)
    (thanks to egosum for help to track the problem).
  • Added operation="entities_decode" in <var> tag: it decodes html entities in a string or variable to the matching chars (thanks to egosum for the idea).
  • Added type="email" to configuration field types.
  • Some improvements to the debug log in the Xml Service Debugger
  • Added line numbers in Xml Source views.
  • Fixed a rare crash on Service Debugger window close
  • Added sys variable $rcpt_type: it contains the type of recipient currently in use (usually it is only one and it is "phone")
  • Fixed $rcpt_count that contained garbage instead of its value
  • Fixed empty/not_empty="confirm" display in Service Debugger
  • Fixed execution of variables after an error was triggered in logout steps
  • Improved sanity checks in xml service parsing
  • Fixed $msg_len to take the count more/count for characters into account
0.8.5 beta (January 25, 2010): portable on usb drives, profile data import/export, misc fixes.
[+] Show/Hide detailed list of changes

  • Added portable mode and portable editions for all supported Operating Systems, so that you can bring goText++ Desk on any USB drive or external hard disk and use it on all OS.
    In portable editions the profile data is saved encrypted (as always) in a .INI file inside the application folder.
  • Added import/export of profile data, for backup purposes, or to migrate data from installed version to the new portable one or viceversa.
  • Captcha dialog now resizes automatically also on Linux and Mac OS X
  • The wizard should look better on Linux and Mac OS X now
  • Fixed bug that would make inaccessible additional profiles if created without password (introduced in 0.8.3).
  • Fixed drag & drop service reorder to always behave correctly
  • Fixed wrong outgoing message list update behaviour introduced with the Enqueue function, that could even result in crashes
  • Application sounds now woking on Mac OS X
  • Currency symbol for money based services is now configurable on a service basis
  • Improved the display of many "What's This" on Mac OS X and Linux
  • Added tooltip to show configuration field constraints, when specified in the Xml Service
  • All installers and portable packages are now distributed with the new Qt 4.6.1 (besides the Ubuntu DEBs which rely on the Qt version found on the OS)

    Changes related to developers:
  • Added proper encoding handling when XML files are added into goText++ Desk: the XML Encoding Declaration is used if present (eg: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>), otherwise the application tries to guess the file charset as it did before (defaults to windows-1252 if no BOM is found).
  • Fixed $msg_leng that reported a wrong length if split="false" and maxchar_single/maxchar_part are specified, in version 0.8.3 and 0.8.4
  • Improved sanity checks on Xml Services
0.8.4 beta (January 17, 2010): session fixes, new xml format features, improvements for developers and Mac OS X users.
[+] Show/Hide detailed list of changes

  • Added a button to Enqueue message instead of start immediately the send, and a Clear button in Writing tab.
  • Mac OS X version is now universal for 32bit and 64bit Intel CPU (the previous version was 32bit only).
  • Fixed Debugger and Service addition/update dialogs appearance on Mac OS X
  • Added "What's This" feature on main application window.
  • Captcha zoom can be customized for each service that has a captcha: it was fixed to a 2x factor before.
  • Fixed send of many post fields with the same name, in the same page.
  • Improved character set conversion, not limited to Latin1 anymore.
  • Improved behavior when more than one message is sent at once.
  • Improved the way data is sent in POST and GET requests (may prevent problem with future services).
  • Improved cookies handling for session enabled services: errors could occur after some weeks of use because of some expired cookies not being discarded.
  • Fixed crash when quitting goText++ Desk! with the service addition dialog was opened.
  • Because of the significant changes in Xml Service format you need to download again all services, to update them with their current version.

    Changes related to developers:
  • Added charset attribute in <page> tag (replaces and improves the old "_latin1" suffix): if such attribute is specified, all post fields, get query items, and redirects (if redir != "false") are encoded using the specified character set. Default charset is always UTF-8.
  • Added "base64" operation to those supported in <var> tags. You can use a to_charset attribute when operation="base64", to specify the charset used when encoding in base64 (default is UTF-8).
  • New "Abort Send" button in Xml Service Debugger, you don't have to complete the send or kill the process anymore while testing your service.
  • Improved highlighting of current step in Xml Service Debugger.
  • Debugger: Event Log viewer improved.
0.8.3 beta (January 06, 2010): Mac OS X version, xml format changes, improvements for developers.
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  • Released Mac OS X version.
  • Greately improved handling of credit and money limits.
  • Some significant changes in Xml Service format: you need to download again all services, to update them with their current version.
  • Improved checks for Xml Service version, and added some messages to inform the user on how to deal with unsupported service versions.
  • Fixed crash when a message was saved with no service selected.
  • Fixed reset of monthly limits on month change.
  • Minor performance improvements.

    Changes related to developers:
  • Renamed an important Xml system variable (now $sms_rem_N is the limit synchronization variable).
  • Changed the value for the limit reset period meaning "Never Reset" from "-1" to "0"
  • Renamed comparison operator names for the operation attribute of the condition tag, now they are: greater, greater_or_equal, less, less_or_equal.
  • Fixed crash when service debugger dialog was closed during a send, and if "enter step" have been used.
  • The $msg_parts now is available also when split="false", added a $rcpt_count system variable that contains the number of recipients.
  • Fixed debugger to show correctly math/string calculated <var> tags
  • Added debugger support for "search in" <var> tags
0.8.2 beta (December 31, 2009): networking fixes, again.
  • Redirect were still having some problems in 0.8.1, finally fixed.
0.8.1 beta (December 30, 2009): networking fixes.
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  • Windows: solved errors while setting up HTTPS connections to many remote servers (patched and recompiled openssl 0.9.8l).
  • Fixed improper handling of some redirects giving problems with some services near to be released.
  • Fixed sent increment not taking into account the cost of a single message, when not 1.
0.8.0 beta (December 25, 2009): first public release.



In the coming months I'm going to write some kind of help pages, faqs and so on.
Right now users can ask for help, suggest new features, report bugs on goText++ Desk! Users forum.
goText++ Desk! is currently in beta state, this means that some bugs may still be left, and the author is eager for feedback!

Xml Services developers

Service developers can have a look at:
I'm still finishing to write the Xml Schema (XSD) for goText Xml Services, that will always be optional, but handy if used with some Xml editing software.

Known Issues

Known issues as of the latest public release:
  • Ubuntu (Gnome): Xml Service Debugger and Add/Update Service dialog are missing the maximize button.
  • Mac OS X: if you hit Apple+Q the application says that it will keep running in the systray but actually quits.


goText++ Desk! is free software released under GPL v2 license.
You can freely use and distribute the application, but link to this page is appreciated.

Remember that you are the only one responsible for messages sent with this application, as you would be the only one responsible for sending the message directly from the website or from your mobile phone.
Do not bother people, do not harm free/commercial services, be fair.

© 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Zydio


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